Bra Fabric Types every woman needs to know

If you go back, years ago bras were essentially made using natural woven fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, etc. For that matter not just bras but everything ranging from nightgowns to panties used these simple fabrics. Around World War II came a change with the introduction of nylon in the undergarment industry.

Today, things have changed completely. There is a wide array of fabrics to choose from including both natural and synthetic. From sheer satin to sturdy nylon, there are a plethora of choices when it comes to choosing your dream bra fabrics. Below is a guide cumulated by leading Indian bra brands to help you choose the right fabric.

Cotton fabric

Most of your bras are probably crafted using cotton.This extremely soft fabric is durable, comfortable, absorbent and machine washable. Despite the fact that cotton shrinks very easily, women are still all up for cotton brassieres.

Synthetic fabric

Bras made using synthetic fibers come with a myriad of benefits. Unlike cotton bras, they allow sweat evaporation (whickering). In addition, it provides optimum support to the breasts without chafing against your skin and retains its shape. Highly durable, bras made using this fabric dry quickly.


Spandex aka Lyrica is a fabric known for its high stretch and recovery. Widely used by Indian bra manufacturers, the fabric is blended in with other fibers to increase stretch and recovery.

Contour fabric

Usually thick, contour fabric is designed to shape up the breasts and also conceal the nipples. Extensively used to make t-shirt bra, contour bras offer rounded appearance even under figure-hugging garments.

Satin fabric

A soft but stiff fabric, satin comes with a glossy sheen. Bras made using satin don’t require any extra padding or seaming to hold the breasts in place and upright. Owing to the little stretch in the fabric, the bras offer snug fitting.

Microfiber / Fiber Fill fabric

It is usually a synthetic fabric made from a cotton polyester blend. The fabric is soft and often found in seamless bras. The bras made using the fabric are durable, retains shape, allow sweat evaporation and create a well-supported silhouette.

With fabric knowledge, you just gained, choose a bra that compliments your size and offers the right support to your girls.