Health Benefits of not wearing underwear to bed

Generally, women are part of the underwear-every-day bandwagon. This is because most women grew up thinking that underwear is a complete necessity and that fact was never really questioned. After all, it is your underwear that catches all the vaginal discharge and holds your pad in place during those dreadful days.

Thus, when it comes to going commando, there are people on both sides of the fence. The choice to wear an undergarment or not is completely personal and depends on various factors like timing of your menstrual cycles, discharge, etc.

But if you are skeptical about hitting the bed sans undergarments, you go for the best bra and panties as per your requirements from any leadingBra and Panty Shops in Kochi but make sure they are cotton.

However, if we are to go by experts, going commando can actually be a good thing for your health. Below are some reasons why ditching your underwear at night could be a smart choice:

Better Sleep Quality

If we are to go by recent studies, sleeping minus certain clothes improve the quality of your sleep. The possible reason could be that clothes cannot adjust with the change in our body temperature while we are sleeping.Sleeping sans underwear results in lower body temperature. Thus, sleeping without underwear ensures better sleep quality.

Lower body weight

As per the studies in Journal of Diabetes, lower body temperature while sleeping activates the brown fat present in the body. This eventually influences our body weight in a positive manner. Further, sound sleep lowers cortisol hormone in the body, which helps control hunger and maintain energy throughout the day.

Pain reliever

Sleeping without the underwear helps relieve the tension in viscera abdomen nerve system. In addition, the overall blood circulation also improves.

Lower the risk of ureter infections

Infection in the ureter is generally caused by the bacterium in the genital organ. Such bacterium grows in warm and moist areas like genitals, which has the potential to enter the ureter and cause serious infection. Skipping the underwear expedites the air circulation and helpsminimize the risk of such infections.

Clear up yeast infections

If you experience constant yeast infections, skipping the underwear could really help. It exposes the area to air and prevents the moisture in the undergarment to cause an infection.

Say NO to chaffing and irritation

Excess moisture in the underwear can cause chaffing and irritation in the nether region. If this is the story of your life, try ditching the panties at least when you hit the bed.