Tips to choose the Right-Fit Pregnancy Bra

The most exciting phase of your life is here and no doubt it brings tremendous changes to not just your body but also your wardrobe. With each passing month, you need to buy clothes of bigger sizes to keep yourself comfortable. This holds true for your undergarments as well.

As your baby bump grows so does the size of your breasts. The bra needs to fit and support your growing breasts without making you uncomfortable. With right-fit bra not only will you be comfortable but also ensure that the bra does not obstruct your bodily changes..

Experts from one of the best bra brand in Kerala have listed out some important tips to help moms-to-be in picking the perfect bra

What is the Difference between a Maternity bra and a Nursing Bra?

Maternity bra

An enhanced version of the regular bra, Maternity bra is designed to provide the right support to the growing breasts of pregnant women. It usually comes with

  • Soft cotton lining
  • Wider straps
  • Extra layers of fabric
  • Band with extra hooks for easy adjustment

  • Nursing Bra

    Designed for nursing mothers, the bra comes with panels or clasps that can be opened for breastfeeding. It comes with

  • Reinforced lower cups
  • Good cup coverage
  • Double layered back
  • Wider back band
  • Supportive straps
  • Extra hooks and eyes
  • PS. Switching to a nursing bra in the middle of the third trimester is a smart choice as it not only makes breastfeeding easier but also provides enough room for the growing breasts.

    How to Buy the Right Pregnancy Bra?

    Without further ado, let’s dive into the tips that will help you lay hands on the right-fitting pregnancy bra.

  • Go for a bra that is neither too loose nor too tight
  • Buy a bra made using breathable fabric preferably cotton and not synthetic fabric
  • Ensure that your new bra has wider straps, back band with extra hooks, good cup coverage, and support panels
  • The right fit bra straps will not cut into your shoulder line. If this happens, it is indicative that the bra is not of the right size/fit
  • When you wear the right fit bra the nipples will point straight ahead and not point downwards or upwards
  • It is usually advised to avoid underwired bras during pregnancy as they may prove to be uncomfortable

  • How to measure yourpregnancy bra’s size?

    1.Measure the band size

    Wear a regular comfortable bra and keep your back and shoulder straight. Do not hold your breath and wrap the tape around the bra brand. It should neither be too loose nor tight
    PS.If the measurement comes out to be an odd number, count the next even number.

    2.Measure the bust size

    Wrap the tape around your breasts preferably at the tips. Hold the tape fairly loose. Round up the measurement to the nearest number

    3.Cup size Calculation

    Band Size-Bust Size= Cup Size

    For example:

    Band size – 38”

    Bust size – 40”

    Cup size – 41”-38” = 2”, cup size B

    Therefore, your bra size will be 38B

    Happy Shopping!